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What is the State to State Verification Service?

The State to State Verification Service (S2S) is an electronic tool that States can use to determine whether a credential applicant already holds a credential in another State. It operated as a pilot program starting in July 2015 and moved out of pilot mode in March of 2017. Any State can implement the service and Clerus is uniquely qualified to help States with their implementation efforts.

The S2S service provides the States significant visibility into whether an identity is in use in another State and what credentials were issued under that identity. Pilot States have been using the information returned by S2S to prevent and detect cases of identity theft, and to consolidate credentials such that a person only has one active driver license. Some States also use the service to meet the requirements of the REAL ID act such that a person only has one REAL ID compliance credential whether it is a driver license or identification card. When considering the S2S program it is important to note that:

  • S2S was developed by the States for the States
  • States own all data that is verified through S2S
  • States did not have to collect any new data from citizens to participate in S2S
  • The States own and operate S2S, through their association AAMVA
  • No Federal agency has access to S2S

For more information on the S2S program and the service please visit WWW.AAMVA.ORG.

How Clerus Solutions can help your Organization?

Drawing on staff background and expertise in the driver licensing, identity verification and fraud detection domains, Clerus is in a unique position to assist States with implementation of the S2S service as well as other initiatives within the motor vehicle community. Please take a moment to consider some examples of how Clerus can help your State with implementation of the S2S service.

  • Funding: Clerus can help your agency identify federal funding sources, develop grant requests and significantly offset the one-time implementation costs associated with S2S. There may also be opportunities to secure funding that would offset ongoing costs associated with the operation and maintenance of the service to improve the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of highway safety records.
  • Program and Project Management: Clerus can help your team get off to a great start with the development of a comprehensive project plan, we can provide full project management services for the duration of the implementation period or we can provide full program management services from planning though implementation and ongoing management of the program.
  • Business Analysis: Clerus can provide an exhaustive review of State-specific policies, business rules, and processes, with a specific eye towards efficient use of the service to reduce costs and maximize the potential for fraud detection and prevention.
  • Technical Design and Implementation: Clerus can help your team with technical designs for transaction processing, data clean-up prior to go-live and ongoing data management related to potential duplicate identification and resolution processes.

Clerus staff can join your team in as large or small of a role as you feel is appropriate. Whether you need a program manager or subject matter expert, we want to help you be successful!

Please contact to discuss how Clerus can serve as a trusted advisor to your agency.

Clerus Experience and Expertise

Clerus Solutions has been involved in the S2S program from its inception. As the advocate for States, Clerus helped elicit requirements from thirty-two (32) States, facilitated development of the service, and assisted fourteen (14) pilot States with implementation and evaluation of the service. Clerus continues to encourage State-led governance and collaboration on operational issues while continually advocating for States to receive assistance through federal funding.

Clerus staff have unmatched experienced with the regulations, requirements, business process and technical specifications related to the S2S service and Real ID compliance. No other organization is in a better position to understand the needs of a State and how to implement the service to meet those needs. As authors of the S2S best practices, Clerus staff can help States avoid lessons learned by early adopters and implement the service more efficiently and with a greater probability of success.